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Slow. Relatively slow. Her heartbeat. Stuck in the house, the both of us.

I can hear it from all the way at the other end. I love that sound.

She knows i'm messing with her. Playing games. Mind games, of course. Everything turns dark around me, the pictures in the hall, when ever I move, a little bit of the wall fades away. It's comforting to me. To see the terror and destruction I cause, the darkness too.

A small scratching sound, and my back stiffens. A movement. Faint. In the....basement. A crack, I can't understand for once. Can't understand what it is. The need for death is strong now. She should be tired, too tired to move on. Ready to sleep. If only. Scuffling. I rest my hand on the doorknob, and turn it. It's locked. Oh, human attempts. I pass through the door easily and glide down the stairs. I catch a small movement in the left corner. The window is open. My patience slips, Just like she did out the window. I shoot up the stairs and down the hall, through the master bath and out the back door. I can only pass through wood. Not metal, not concrete. Wood.

She's slowing down, of course, she's tiring. I could catch her now, end it now. An animal part of me wants to, but I have too much fun watching them run. She can really run, for an almost legally blind girl. It's surprising how she can move quickly, make things out clearly, how she can see me when people usually can't. She's a good jumper too. You should have seen how she leapt over the stone row. Almost like a deer. It was amazing. She's quite the athlete, She's already hopped a few 6 strand fences. I had to step over them. You know why.

I'm getting closer to her now, we've been going at a moderate place.We're getting close to the road now. But I'm prepared. There's a fence right across the road. It's hidden in the trees, and right now, it's probably 12:30 a.m. She's tired, I can feel it. If I delved deeper into my senses I could feel the burning in her legs. the immense pain in her lungs. You see, she's been running for about 2 hours. The house being her only break. I could take you back farther than the wouldn't want to know. I'm smiling now, the deepest,darkest, evilest smile in the world. But you wouldn't know why. I'd bet.

"Augh- What the fudgemuffins", came a whisper.
I chuckled. Fudgemuffins . What innocence.
A rattling, she's climbing up the fence, I can tell. She'll be in my territory in a second. And then......

But you wouldn't want to know, or would you?

Her eyes are quite beautiful.

A light brown, she has one rainbow squiggle that is in her iris, for each eye, it's slightly bowl shaped. It's so beautiful. Her irises, they're like they exploded. it's varied brown, with black flecks. I can tell, I'd know, they turn near black when she's mad. That's the Hungarian in her.

Don't ask how I know so much....

You just wouldn't want to know.
lol. I tried. wrote this in 30 minutes exactly. It's quick, fast. It's my first writing. If you guys want more, just get this to 10 favorites and I'll write the next part. I'll make it deeper next time, with more feeling and description.

This story is © to me.
Slenderman is © to whoever created him.
puppydog83 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Student General Artist
OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VenoReno Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :3 I wish more people would fave ._.
puppydog83 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Student General Artist
they will
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